Thornewood Castle Wedding | My Experience Filming at Rose Red

October 2017 – Yesterday I shot a wedding at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, WA.  It was such a beautiful and haunting place. I was immediately pulled in by the architecture both in and out.  Inside was magnificent.  I felt like I walked right into a haunted mansion.  Paintings of majestic women hung on the walls throughout and aged statues of children stood staring.

To me, this was the mother of all wedding venues.  The wedding itself was grand just like the castle.  It was all very fitting.  The bride and groom were adorable and you can really tell those two loved each other.  Can’t wait to edit the video!

I hope that one day I will get to reunite with Thornewood Castle.  It’s beautiful, mysterious, haunting, and most of all interesting.  It’s definitely a place that feeds into my love of horror movies.

Author: Dreamboat VISTA

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