Let’s talk about artistic style for a moment.  In this discussion I will use my videography style in particular.  So, here goes…

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the film world is that I can’t be outstanding if I’m not standing out.  For example, weddings, when I got in to the wedding videography racket I did a lot of pre-research. I went on Youtube, Vimeo, and countless other sites trying to see what the market was like. I learned very quickly that most of the videos that I watched were almost identical in story, pacing, and style. Or, more like no style.

I wasn’t impressed with what I was seeing and after my hard-hitting realization that I was about to enter a videography market that was overly cramped and overly cliche, I decided to do the one thing that I know how to do really well… get really stubborn.

I had my Instagram up since 2015 and it was just to showcase my dreamy and atmospheric photography and aesthetic style.  Soon, I got my first wedding gig (credits to wedding planner Angela Strecker at Blue Wings Events).  It wasn’t a walk in the park by any means but it was definitely a classroom.  I learned a lot.  What I didn’t want happen is that I get a great following with my unique style and not being able to use towards videography.  So, I decided to develop my skills and set goals for making my video’s just like the photos I make.  I feel like I get closer and closer with each new video.

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